17 Superb Gray Kitchen Cabinet Designs to Freshen Your Mind

First question: what does the color of my kitchen cabinet have to do with anything? Second question: why gray? Good questions. If interior design is put into a book, more than one third of it talks about color matching. Not important if it is merely a kitchen cabinet, which usually has ‘default’ color like brown (in various hues), there is something you can do for your kitchen cabinet.

Gray kitchen cabinets with white appliances for modern kitchen interior design

Then why gray? Gray, people say, is emotion-less. It’s detached, it’s gloomy. Then what makes gray kitchen cabinet need to have our attention? Beyond everything, gray kitchen cabinet shows the importance of going out-of-the-box when it comes to mix-and-match the colors of furnitures and the room design.

Gray kitchen cabinet is possible since it also shows luxury. Gray is also the color of metal, and metal is bold, solid, sleek, and tough. Gray kitchen cabinet shows modernity and luxury, in the least expectancy everyone might have when talking about kitchen cabinet.

Admirable Retro Look Grey Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration

Of course, remember about the overall design of the kitchen. Because of the nature of gray kitchen cabinet, try not to mix it with striking colors like yellow or bold red. Orange and white is good (for walls and floors) too, but modernity will show its truest shine when gray kitchen cabinet is combined with brown theme. So, still saying that gray kitchen cabinet is not possible?

Gallery for Superb Gray Kitchen Cabinet Designs

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