18 Huge Floor Lamp Designs to Illuminate Your House

Floor lamp isn’t just to illuminate the area. It also a part of decoration. Especially when the lamp itself is unique. Though it comes in various sizes. The huge floor lamp have been quite a hit lately. It’s decadent, modern, and obviously unique.

Most people put huge floor lamp in a living room corner, or maybe their study or home office. But some dare enough to put their huge floor lamp overlooking their dining table.

Velvety Elegance

gothic classy huge floor lamp

The stand is carved in classic Victorian design. Making this huge floor lamp look classy instead of modern. Even though the shade is made from velvet. It’s just everything about this lamp says elegance and highly refined.

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Not a Bird Cage

huge floor lamp bird cage

No, it’s not a bird cage. It’s a floor lamp made from bird cage. Or well, at least designed like one. It’s a single bulb inside a cage. But sure it’s nifty and decadent enough. Especially paired with the palm couch.

Simplicity at Best

modern sail huge floor lamp

Sometimes, being simple is the only way to go. And this floor lamp proves it. Putting the lamp vertically inside the fixture, then adding the sail-like shade to control the light. Perfect. You can change the shades into other colors if you want. This type of floor lamp will look best on your living room or media room.

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