18 Homely Hanging Bed Designs That Will Swing You to Sleep

Who doesn’t love a swing bed? I mean, they’re basically a bed on a swing. It’s like two win. You get a comfortable sleep space, as well as instant rocking feeling that no ordinary bed can give.

Hanging beds are pretty popular lately. People installed them in their bedroom and even on porch. Of course, most of them disguise the ones at porch as some kind of swing sofa, while the others are plainly show a queen size bed hanging on their back yard.

Contemporary Hanging Bed in Monochrome

modern hanging swing bed in monochrome

Monochrome color scheme works everywhere and all the time. You can not do wrong with it. This indoor design works well for small house with low ceiling, as it won’t make the room feel cramped or stuffed.

Hanging Bed in a Garden

hanging swing bed in a flower garden

It’s not a hanging garden with a bed. It’s the other way around. If you love to garden and happen to have lots of space. You can try this idea. Create a pergola or a gazebo where you can put the bed and decorate it with your flowers.

Rustic and Simple Swing Bed

rustic outdoor hanging swing bed

It’s one of the DIY design. It’s simple, and you can work on it with your family member. Sure it’ll give a certain nostalgic value to the result.

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Gallery for Homely Hanging Bed Designs

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