Molle By the Sea by Elding Oscarson – Sweden

This house in Molle, Sweden is really unique. First of all, it’s a Y shaped building. While it’s not apparent from the side, but you will notice the dent that creates the unique shape. The shape is more visible if you look at it from above.

Located in an uneven ground, Elding Oscarson made this private residence a two story building with a basement for the master bedroom. The idea is very simple. First floor for living area, the sitting room, dining and kitchen. While the second floor is bedrooms and bathrooms only.

Molle By The Sea front view

From afar, this house looks just like any other modern house. Box shaped, lots of glass and natural wood. Nothing out of ordinary. But even then, it’s already unique since the second floor’s windows are varied in size.

Molle By The Sea living room

The living room is in the first floor. It’s bare and open. With the surrounding glass wall, there’s nothing to hide here. While the furniture may seem to be chosen at random, but it only strengthen the unique image.

Molle By The Sea back yard garden

There’s a spiral stair that connects all the floor, as well as a hidden entrance that lead directly to the master bedroom in the basement. This entrance is located at the back of the house. So not everyone can enter it at will.

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